Simultaneous Translators, Booths, Headsets in Dubai

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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment
Our company provides top-of-the-line interpretation equipment including sound-proof booths, infrared headsets, interpreter desks, multi-channel transmitters, high-power radiators and more.

Simultaneous interpretation requires one or more soundproof translation booths, depending on the number of languages, where the interpreters are located during the event.

Simultaneous Interpreters
Find the perfect interpreter for your upcoming event with SounDXB. Our team is composed of professional linguists who specialize in various sectors and industries.

Simultaneous interpretation is the most demanding type of language interpretation and simultaneous interpreters are rightfully viewed as the elite of language professionals. 

Conference Microphones
Our range of public address systems include digital table-top conference systems, wireless microphones, mixers and speakers, videoconferencing solutions and more.

Modern conferences require a combination of wired and wireless microphones with auxiliary equipment such as speakers and mixers.

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